5 Year project to discover and map the distribution of bats in Berks and South Bucks


Project idea

To create a bat atlas in order to have better coverage of bat records across the Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire counties and produce an accurate and up-to-date species distribution map.


·       To gain up-to-date records in every tetrad (2km x 2km) in Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire.

·       To inspire, train and involve volunteers

·       To map the current status and distribution of bat species in the two counties.

·       To determine important areas for bats and therefore concentrate conservation efforts such as bat box schemes, habitat management and further surveying with mist netting and harp trapping.

·       To find out landscape patterns and important wildlife corridors for bats to link in with the Living Landscape project run by the Wildlife Trust.

How to get involved

This year (Year 2) the project will be focusing on getting as many group members involved as possible to get reliable records in as many tetrads with no records as possible.  If you would like to get involved you can join the group by going to the JOIN US page or come along to the meeting on the 25th of March.

For existing members please contact the co-ordinator for the area in which you would like to complete your tetrad.

           - Rose-Ann ( for West Berkshire

           - Claire ( for East Berkshire

           - Sarah ( for South Bucks

We are planning three main Atlas events this year to give group members the opportunity to meet up and share skills and at the same time get valuable records in tretdrads with no data.  We have picked three, under recorded areas and as luck with have it there is a pub central to each area.  During the day we will meet up and visit local churches and other interesting spots to look for roosts we will also plan the evenings transects.  We will then meet in the pub decide which tetrads we can cover and head out in small teams, then after an hour or two re-convene in the pub to go over our results and sound analysis.   On each of the three dates we hope to focus on a different survey technique.  See the sidebar right for detail.






West Berkshire Living Landscape Project


The bat group have joined forces with The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust who are spearheading the West Berkshire Living Landscape project. 

To help wildlife thrive, the West Berkshire Living Landscape is looking for opportunities to link up good wildlife sites, carrying out practical work on sites and working with landowners to encourage sympathetic management.

The initiative aims  to:

  •   Expand wildlife habitats,
  •   Create more opportunities for people to enjoy the area,
  •   Celebrate this landscape, and
  •   Protect the area for the enjoyment of future generations.

As part of the initiative the bat group will be undertaking a number of events including walks and talks and mist netting at the various sites to discover more about what bats use the areas.

See the calendar for a list of dates and details of how to take part.



 Bat Atlas Events 2014
25.03.2014 - Project Launch at Bat Group Meeting
Pub Blitz number 1
24h May 2014

Pub Blitz number 2

 Date 26th July

Pub Blitz number 3
Date 30th August

If you are intrested in attending one of the above contact one of the coordinators to register your interest and receive further details.