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Bat Game

Our Batty virtual pet..!

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How to play

This 'virtual' bat does not mind being woken up, which you do by clicking on him. 

Once Batty Bat is awake he follows your cursor as you move it around.

You can feed Batty Bat by using the 'more' tab, which releases a 'virtual' insect.


In the game Batty Bat makes sounds as he follows the insects to catch them.

This is called 'echolocation' which you can read lots more about on the Bat Conservation Trust website which is here.

Real bats also use echolocation to fly in the dark, without bumping into things and while catching insects.

They are really very clever!


In the game Batty Bat catches small insects.

In the United Kingdom all our real bats also catch insects for food.

One bat can eat 3000 insects in a night!

Luckily Batty Bat does not need this many and you can stop feeding him whenever you are ready.


In the game if you stop feeding and wait a minute Batty Bat will go back to sleep.

Not all of the real bats in the United Kingdom sleep hanging upside down like Batty Bat.

Some like to squeeze in small spaces on buildings and in trees.


Bats are really interesting animals!  

To find out more about the different types of bats, the food they eat and the places they sleep visit our Links page to explore.